California, Summer 2007

Chocolate Note the cat Japanese Tea Garden Small pagodas Schulz museum
Tiling Kite-eating tree Reflective Snoopy Cookie? Snoopy and Woodstock
Old Faithful Snoopy and Geyser About to blow Thar she blows! Sky high
St Helena Olive oil tasting Warm the oil! Heavy equipment Under the thumb
A Graves situation Dubuffet? Bodega Head Patches of color Coastal Beauty
Sea lion island Rocks Foliage Flowers alone Rock shapes
A tangle we didn't weave A spider among trees Sculptural stump Pygmy forest Blue sky?
Base of giant Top of giant Big redwood Tunnel through tree Fallen giant
Log Among redwoods Hollow tree Ferndale Victorian house
Victory for Victorians Eureka Towering achievement Carson Mansion Carson again
Eureka seaside Battery Point Rocks and seagull Rocks in summer fog Bridge over calm water
Wall of trees Uprooted Giant tree Burnt base Rock hopping
Siskiyou view Siskiyou forest Mount Shasta Shasta path Tree spike
Above the tree line Trinity Alps Upslope Water! All downhill from here
Mt Shasta Panther Meadows Castle Crags Crags Closer Crags
Craggy Lots of crags Forest Spring Mini-climb
Manzanita bushes Crags Calatrava bridge Monster harp Water under the bridge
Bridging it The length of it Bridge, Head Burney Falls Water falling
Fall and foam Water everywhere Full falls Cold feet Post-fall creek
Rapidly cooling feet Double falls Creek from bridge Glacial boulder Tree hanging on
Hiking Water Purple haze Flower field Flowers
Lassen peak Bumpass Hell Steaming hell Steamy situation Colors
Mudpot Cracks Walking the plank Leaving Hell Lake Helen
Mt Lassen Boulder Ex-boulder Calatrava sundown Harp of the Gods
Bridge at night Calatrava at night Copia Bay Bridge Ferry Building
Under the fog Half a bridge By the bridge This is August

Taner Edis Photos
Last modified: August 31, 2007