Italy 2005

Colossal ego Trevi Fountain Trevi II Marathon Venus and Rome
Arch of Septimius Severus Forum Black Saturn Saturnine view Forum
Temple of Romulus Big Basilica Vestal Virgin (maybe) Forum from Palatine hill Vestals
Palatine again When in Rome, smile like an idiot Imperial Stadium Colosseum St Peter's Square
Baldacchino All the bastards How many cathedrals can we fit in here? Pine cone Apollo del Belvedere
Laocoön Mosaic floor Sunset over Tevere Edy's Trevi
Ship Fountain Popular place I said it was popular Trajan's shopping mall Temple of Mars
What a nerve 4 horsemen of the mosaic Goddess Badcklighted hair Theater of Marcellus
Moses with horns Baaa Lateran? Milestone St Sebastian gate
Baths of Caracalla Pool Floor mosaic Back of the bath Circus Maximus
Fountain and Tower Op-Portunus-tic picture Pantheon No rain, fortunately Raise a glass to the costermonger
Firenze, Duomo Campanile Inside the Duomo View from Campanile You're the top
Duomo Baptistery Medici Library Palazzo Vecchio courtyard Maps
Ponte Vecchio Ponte Vecchio Capella Brancacci Santa Maria del Carmine Florence city walls
From San Miniato al Monte San Miniato al Monte View of Florence Inside the church Florence
Florence Sunset Ponte Vecchio Palazzo Vecchio tower Ponte Vecchio from Uffizi
Piazza San Giovanni Giardino de Boboli Boboli Florence from Boboli Arno
Coin toss Tosser

Taner Edis Photos
Last modified: April 22, 2005