Paris, March 2004

Pompous center Splish splash Guillotine not in view Parisian phallic symbol Erection of a phallic symbol
Not so triumphant at a distance? I'm not Pei'd to do this Horus No head for flying, but look, I've got wings! 5-legged creatures
Claws P3080016.JPG Lap of Luxury in Louvre Venus, shmenus Ancient Surrealist?
Spring-face US Independence plaque Green with envy Shoebox Madeleine
Opera More opera (maybe some yodeling) Indiana Tex Mex La Sainte Chapelle Some downstairs...
A stain on the glass Sainte Chapelle interior Just a window pane An idiot in Paris Rose window
Rear view Tilted chapel Aspiring spire Notre Dame Sauvons la recherche
Scientific demonstration Holey church Curie house Fly, little buttress Tour Eiffel
Up and away Tower base The top Blowing in the wind Tower
Warmth! A triumph It's just a facade Train station St Michel
Combo creature The professoriate in history Gothic ceiling Ceiling detail Our ducks in a row
Jumping rabbit, grinning loon Agile rabbit Tilting at windmills Metropolitain St-Jean-des-Briques
Stain Sacre-Coeur basilica View Joan of Amy Reality photo
Brassai we're not One step at a time Stepping it up Step by step The crowned heads of Europe
Bear with this photo Moroccan restaurant Mazed in the Marais Marais Marais building
How do you pronounce "Vosges"? Vosging again Notre Dame at night All lit up Weren't we here before?
Cheesy scene Pink building

Taner Edis Photos
Last modified: March 26, 2004