Turkey, 2004

Bush get lost! Beyoglu Bookstore cat They're here! Miniaturk
Artemision Another wonder Triple script Fish'n'bread Market
Through the grapevine Houses of Safranbolu Blacksmith Interior Kaymakam Evi
Safranbolu overview Safranbolu and radioactive idiot Safranbolu Old house Saddlemaker
Canyon Caravanserai Roof Pool Ceiling
Tea Ayran Slurp Water closet Amasra
Amasra again Black Sea Coast alone Harbor Amy and bridge
Bridge Island The old man and the sea Tea and clouds Salad
Historian not at work Cross and Castle 4 cats 6 cats 1 cat
Political signs Dinner with the Ertens I'm back! Kara Kartal 1 Kara Kartal 2
Islands Old school roses Three twits Galata Tower at night Tower again
Bix cafe & bar restaurant More Bix Bix menu Ephesus Library of Celsus
Celsing around Writing on the wall Celsus, schmelsus Stepping up Sophia Kelso?
Taking wing Ephesus Fountain Piping hot Sirince
Sirince view Old houses Idiot at the end of the tunnel Kitten Ayran 100
Temp cat Mercan Dede 1 Mercan Dede 2 Lost of cats Parents
A nice pair Mosque and Bosphorus Edis collection 2004 Mosque

Taner Edis Photos
Last modified: August 30, 2004